Overview Videos

Intro to Action Learning

Action Learning is a dynamic process for solving-problem, building teams, and developing leaders. It consists of two simple rules and six components: 1) the problem
2) a group of 4-8
3) a process that encourages questioning and listening
4) a resolution to take action
5) a commitment to learning
6) an action learning coach.
Action Learning is effective for solving problems of all sizes. It is most powerful for solving problems that require creative, out-of-the-box solutions. It is ineffective for solving puzzles, that is – a problem with a single solution. It teaches people to question and think about how to do it better; rather than the continuation of the old ways of doing tasks.
The following will review the ground rules, components and the basic process of Action Learning. Please review this video and post comments or questions below in the Response section.

Leading With Question Overview

Most leaders are unaware of the power of leading with questions. They hold a firm belief that as leaders they need to have all the answers. Dr Michael Marquardt interviewed twenty-two successful leaders. He discovered these successful leaders “lead with questions”. Leading with Questions teaches us to ask the truly curious questions as well as to listen effectively, making any leader a much more powerful communicator. This video takes us through various types of questions and how they can be used to lead more successfully.

Defining the Real Problem

In our performance driven culture, managers tend to do first, think later. Very rarely do we take time to determine the real problem before implementing a solution. More often than not what is presented as a problem is actually a solution, or a goal, or simply the presenting problem. This video will explore different ways that problems are presented and questions that can help us peel back the onion to get to the real problem.