Speaking Engagements


*Introduction to Action Learning

*Asking Powerful Questions                    *Action Learning Coaching

*Future Positive Coaching                          *Agile Leadership

*Conflict to Collaboration                           *Leading with Questions

*Neuroscience and Action Learning      *Building a Learning Organization


September 26-30
WIAL Action Learning Week:
Getting to the Real Problem
Future Positive Coaching


   15 years of WIAL 09/21/2021
Resilence: I am Blessed 05/07/2021Triple Value of Action Learning 01/21/2021Leading With Questions 08/12/2020Building the Learning Organization 06/02/2020
Crisis & Recovery: Breakthrough Solutions 04/25/2020Action Learning Coaching 02/27/2020Breakthrough Solutions with Action Learning 11/17/2019Off the Cuff with Alex Salas 09/30/2019
Action Learning Agolity 09/27/2019Leading With Questions 08/18/2019Action Learning: Builds Agile Leaders 08/12/2019Intro to Action Learning 02/20/2019
Action Learning Coach Refresher 02/08/2019Intro to Action Learning 01/30/2019Building the Learning Organization 01/24/2019Leading With Questions 01/21/2019
Leading With Questions 01/12/2019Building the Learning Organization 12/18/2018Leading With Questions 12/17/2018Discover How Action Learning Builds 
Agile Leaders – Aug 12, 2016
WIAL Global Conference hosted by WIAL-Brazil, Sept 2019  WIAL USA Conference, Seattle WA, Oct 2018WIAL Global Conference hosted by WIAL-Netherlands, Sept 2018DAU, July 26, 2017
US Army TRADOC, July 19, 2017ATD ICE, Action Learning, May 2017ICF Long Island, Introduction to Action Learning, May 16 2017WIAL Regional Conference hosted by WIAL-Malaysia, Keynote, Apr 2017
WIAL Regional Conference hosted by WIAL-Malaysia, Virtual Action Learning, Apr 2017HODN, Introduction to Action Learning, Nov 2016WIAL Global Conference hosted by WIAL-Poland, Action Learning Builds Agile Leaders, Oct 2016ODN Poster Presentation, Action Learning adding to the Bottom-line, Oct 2016
Olney Rotary Club, Introduction to Action Learning, Sept 2016ATD ICE, Action Learning, May 2016Georgetown Coaches Conference, Transformative Power of Action Learning, March 2016WIAL & WIAL-USA Forum, “Question Thinking“, October 2015
New York Public Library, “Introduction to Action Learning“, August 2015George Washington University, “Adult Education“, August 2015NYC Environmental Protection Agency, “Powerful Questioning“, June 2015BB&T Women’s Networking Lucheon, “Action Learning“, June 2015
OED Community of Practice, “Advanced Coaching“, June 2015George Washington University, “Adult Education“, August 2014Inside NGO, “Action Learning Introduction”, July 2014Oslo Norway, “Introduction to Action Learning“, February 2014
WIAL Japan, “Advanced Action Learning Coaching“, November 2013WIAL Conference, ”    “, November 2013WIAL-USA Forum, “WIAL Chapters“, October 2013WIAL-USA Forum, “Introduction to Action Learning”, October 2013
George Washington University, “Adult Education“, August 2013ASTD ICE, Foundations of Action Learning, May 2013EPA, Introduction to Action Learning, May 2013CBODN, Introduction to Action Learning, April 2013
Organizational Learning and Knowledge and Capability (OLKC) conference, Introduction to Action Learning, April 2013Turf Valley Resort, “Action Learning”, April 2013Vigilant Center, “Introduction to Action Learning“, February 2013CBODN, “Introduction to Action Learning”, December 2012
Asia Action Learning Forum, “Furture, Positive Action Learning Coaching”, November 2012ODNLI, “Introduction to Action Learning”, October 2012EPA, “Introduction to Action Learning”, June 2012WIAL Conference, ” “, June 2012
WIAL Conference, “Neuroscience and Action Learning”, June 2012ICF, “Introduction to Action Learning”, June 2012EPA, “Introduction to Action Learning”, October 2011Catholic University of America, “Action Learning and Communication Skills”, Oct 2011
EPA, “Introduction to Action Learning”, August 2011WIAL Forum, “Positive, Future Focus Coaching”, June 2011HRINZ – Auckland, NZ, “Introduction to Action Learning”, April 2011HRINZ – Hamilton, NZ, “Introduction to Action Learning”, April 2011
AITD Melbourne, Australia, “Introduction to Action Learning”, April 2011WIAL-Australasia Forum, Keynote Speaker, “WIAL – History and Future”, April 2011ODNLI, “Introduction to Action Learning”, September 2010Rotary Evening Club – Annapolis, “Social Networking”, August 2010
Minneapolis Facilitators Network, “Introduction to Action Learning”, June 2009World Institute for Action Learning Forum, “Aim for the Fairway – Future Focused Coaching”, June 2010Annapolis Rotary Club, “Social Networking”, May 2010The Millenium Group, “Accelerating Performance