Inner Circal

A group of trusted advisors using Action Learning to help each other resolve challenges. Teams will work virtually or face to face with a WIAL certified Action Learning coach on a regular basis.
WHAT IS ACTION LEARNING?A problem solving process where a team of 4 to 8 works to discover a breakthrough solution while developing their team and leadership skills.
Small to midsize business owners.WIAL Action Learning Team problem solving and Leadership Development.Virtual - via computerAccountability: The regularity of the group meetings, sharing commitments, and reporting progress monthly
Coaching: Coach will insure goals of the meeting are met.
Collaboration: Wisdom of the crowd
Feedback: Give & receive from other entrepreneurs.
Resources: Share tools that work today!
Support: Inner Circal is your inner circle of trusted advisors
Structure: Simple structure insures every session finishes with Action and Learning.
Bimonthly - time determined by team.$300/month